ARA's assistance to housing cooperatives and companies

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Housing cooperatives - electric car charging infrastructure assistance 

Electric cars are becoming more common in Finland at a rapid pace, and at the same time the need to charge electric cars is increasing. Charging takes place conveniently at home, and for this reason several housing associations are planning to implement charging points in the near future. ARA grants grants to communities that own residential buildings for changes to the electrical systems of properties required by charging points for electric cars.

  • The requirement is that all charging points must have 11kW three-phase charging power in terms of cabling.
  • For example, housing associations, rental housing associations and the parking companies that own them can apply for assistance.
  • The amount of the grant is 35% of the costs that have been realized, a maximum of €90,000.
  • In 2022, when calculating the amount of the subsidy, costs of a maximum of €4,000 per charging capacity will be taken into account.
  • The grant requires the community to build readiness for at least five charging points.
  • Housing associations with less than five parking spaces can also receive assistance. This requires that charging readiness is implemented for all parking spaces.
  • Charging devices are still supported, however in the future they must be equipped with a Type 2 plug and, if necessary, can be used with at least 11kW power.
  • The recommendation is to prepare for intelligent load management as well.

Grant processing is still backlogged, however, it is possible to start the project when the application is in. Ask customer service or ARA for more details.

It is possible to apply for the subsidy all year round and the application must be submitted before the charging infrastructure is built. More information From the ARA website .

Companies - charging point subsidy for electric cars

ARA's new grant in 2022 is the installation of electric car charging points at workplaces. The purpose of the grant is to expand the network of charging points for electric cars in order to promote the electrification of traffic. Employers can apply for support for the construction of charging points.

Commuting is a very important part of everyday movement. For this reason, ARA's support can be received by an employer or the owner of a workplace property, for example a company, municipality, foundation, parish, cooperative or registered association. This does not apply to a government agency or institution, nor to commercial parking companies or associations. For one applicant, ARA grants a grant for a maximum of 10 charging devices per year, and applicants belonging to the same group can be granted a grant for a maximum of 50 charging devices per year. It should be noted that the grant applicant must either own or manage the installation building for the charging equipment or have the owner's consent to the installation.

  • The amount of the grant is €750 per charging station installed in working order.
  • Conditions related to receiving the grant. The charging device must be equipped with a Type 2 plug and support a charging power of at least 11 kW in three phases.
  • If necessary, it must be possible to connect load management to charging devices.
  • Charging devices must be mainly intended for use by employees.

It should be noted that the application for support must be submitted before the installation of the charging point is completed and is in working order, as you cannot receive assistance afterwards. More information From the ARA website .