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Fibox BluEV Charging station 2x22kW

Fibox BluEV Charging station 2x22kW

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The perfect solution for large and smaller charging systems, the Fibox BluEV double charging station is designed and manufactured in Finland for demanding needs and harsh conditions.

  • OCPP compliant
  • Can be chained
  • Ethernet or 4G
  • RFID reader
  • Internal MID kWh measurement
  • Durable and high quality

Fibox BluEV charging station

This charging station is perfect for housing associations, companies and parking areas and halls, in the design and manufacture of the charging station, special attention has been paid to the needs of property owners, parking operators, builders, as well as charging point operators and housing associations.

High-quality materials and durable materials, components and software solutions selected for harsh Nordic conditions make the Fibox BluEV charging station a long-lasting and cost-effective solution for housing associations and companies.

The Fibox BluEV charging station can charge two cars at the same time with a charging power of up to 22 kW per socket and is OCPP compatible and can be connected to the most common cloud services, such as the Woltti system. With the cloud service, you can manage the device and get reporting and statistics history. The cloud service can also be used to manage, for example, timing, load management or payment transactions.

Many options for starting the download

  • With the optional RFID reader, charging can be limited to selected users who have an RFID card that allows charging.
  • Instant download. Charging starts without user identification when the charging cable is connected to the charging device.
  • QR code, mobile apps and other options. The charging point operator or service provider can also offer other ways to start charging and identify the user.

Communication between charging points

Ethernet An Ethernet connection enables two things

  • The Ethernet connection offers the possibility of independent load management, if charging points are used without a service provider.
  • A reliable wired connection between charging points and a local Internet connection to the backend software of the charging point operator or service provider

4G is an alternative to Ethernet connection.

  • The 4G connection enables wireless communication from the charging points to the background software of the operator or service provider. 4G is a good option, for example, in outdoor parking lots, where Ethernet cables cannot be easily run between charging points or connected to a local Internet connection/router. 4G always requires the background connection of the charging point operator or service provider with a SIM card.


  • Type: Wallbox
  • Mounting: fixed wall mounting or pole.
  • Cable: Does not include cable
  • Socket: 2 x 22kW, Type2
  • Power (max.) 2 x 22 kW (3-Phase)
  • Nominal voltage: 230 V/400 V
  • Fault current: Type A RCD per charging port. Type B residual current circuit breaker per station
  • Short circuit protection: Circuit breaker for each charging port. Circuit breaker for auxiliary functions
  • Place of use: Housing associations, companies, parking areas, single-family houses.
  • RFID: Yes (Optional)
  • Energy meter: MID-certified meter in each charging port
  • OCPP: yes (OCPP 1.6)
  • Communication connection: Independent load management via Ethernet connection or 4G connection
  • Protection level: IP54/IK10
  • Operating temperature -25 °C to +40 °C
  • Certificates: CE
  • Dimensions 600 x 360 x 170 mm (H x W x D)
  • Weight: 12 kg
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