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Did you know that the electric cars already in use already save more than 30,000,000,000 liters of gasoline/diesel per year...

...which is equivalent to more than 200 million tons of CO2 emissions!


We offer a high-quality service for everyone!

  • Home charging

    We offer the best possible products for home charging at an unprecedented price. All our products have a warranty (2 years), so you can trust that the charging station will also work as agreed. We have chosen the chargers that we think offer the best price/quality ratio for home charging. You can buy an electric car charger or device+installation from us for a fixed price!

    With the most efficient home charging station, it is possible to get up to 12x power and a correspondingly shorter charging time.

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  • Housing cooperatives

    Request a quote for charging stations and installation, we will come to the site to see and do a comprehensive survey without charge or commitment.

    Leave your contact information on the contact form. You can provide basic information about the system and the number and address of charging stations.

    The Woltti system has the easiest invoicing on the market, multi-level metered load management if necessary and Spot prices if necessary.

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  • Wholesale and companies

    For companies, we offer a wide selection of the market's best electric car charging stations 11kW-22kW. Easy identification for users using RFID cards or an application.

    Our own OCPP-compatible charging device is perfectly suited for the charging needs of companies and housing associations' electric cars.

    Through us, the market's leading device manufacturers for public charging, OCPP-compatible charging stations and easy Plug-and-Play solutions ready with 4G connection at an affordable wholesale price!

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  • Installation and surveys

    In general, a housing company's charging station project should start with a survey. From us, you get a high-quality survey that reviews all available information without cost or commitment.

    We offer installation near the biggest cities.

    If you want a faster, more demanding installation, more information or an exact installation time, feel free to contact us !

    We always install the device with fault current protectors and new cabling in accordance with the regulations.

    More information about installation 


Wolttinen XL Wallbox

A renewed, even more stylish and improved model. New chip and technically completely renewed. Now a limited batch at the pre-sale price - buy now!

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Garo Entity Pro 22kW Charging station

With its elegant design and efficient software, GARO Entity Pro is an ideal solution for building societies. The efficient 22kW charging station supports both single-phase and three-phase charging and can be used to charge all fully electric and hybrid cars.

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Smart charging for home and terraced house

Switch to environmentally friendly electric driving!

In 2022, more than 10 million electric cars were already sold in the world!


Pre-sales, electric car charging stations at the best price on the market! There is a limited number of products for sale.

Are you looking for a charging solution for a housing cooperative or company?

We offer comprehensive charging solutions for the charging systems of housing cooperatives, companies and public objects, and we are especially specialized in load management solutions.

Get to know the solutions of housing associations and companies at www.wolttinen.fi.

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