About Installation

The installations are again normally in the selections.

Now your own charging station with a fixed installation price!

We offer installation near the largest cities. Our installation, which is sold online, is a so-called "flexible" installation, where an exact time for the installation is not agreed upon when ordering. The installation month is always agreed, but a more precise time is agreed no later than a week before the installation. We offer installation at an affordable price because we strive to use the installers' working time efficiently. This means that the installer is able to cost-effectively install several objects in the same area.

However, we are always in touch and the exact installation time is agreed separately and we can negotiate it if possible (but we cannot promise any exact time).

If this flexible installation doesn't suit you or you want a faster installation, contact us using the contact form or by phone and we will offer you exactly the time you want. If your installation needs also differ significantly from what we can offer online, get in touch and we will discuss the matter. We make all offers competitively. From us you can also get installations for housing associations and larger sites!


Before installation, make sure:

-You have a permit for the installation (Does not apply to the detached house you own, in apartment and townhouses the building association's permit is usually required. If you are renting, you must also have a permit from the landlord.

-You have a place for the Wallbox, where you can also attach the device. The place is a suitable distance for your car and the cable is enough for charging. If the journey is long, long cables are also available, in that case take the A version where the charging station does not have a fixed cable.

- The installation route is clear. You should carefully go through the cable route itself, so that there are no surprises (E.g. that there is nothing in front/on the wall that prevents the installation). If the installation is not successful, e.g. due to the incompleteness of the route, we will charge 30% of the installation price for the additional visit. Naturally, the installation does not involve any kind of excavation work and the route must be such that the cable can be routed from the main center. For safety reasons, the cable cannot run on the ground/floor at all.

-You have enough capacity in the main fuse/electrical connection for the Wallbox you choose. It is difficult to give exact numbers without knowing the object, as other electrical devices also affect this (minimum 20A).

Installation includes:

-10 m of cable (minimum 5x2.5). We always install a 3-phase cable, even if the Wallbox is lower in power.

-Equipment installation ready for use

-Driving distance 20 km from the center of your chosen installation location

- Additional work is paid on site by credit/debit card. In connection with the installation, you can also buy for example mobile chargers or cables from us at an affordable price.