Basic installation conditions

The basic installation conditions are as follows:

  • The basic installation includes max. approx. 4 hours of installation time on site, installation either with brackets, in a ready-made cable tray or shelf, or with a Jap pipe.
  • Max cable length 10 m, additional meters installed €10/m. In principle, we always install a new cable that complies with the regulations.
  • We usually always install A fault current and fuses in the center, requires 7 places. If a case is needed, the cost is +100-150 € installed.
  • There must be a free route for the cable, the installation includes 1 piece of penetrations in a wooden wall or a thin concrete wall. Additional penetrations for a wooden wall 30€/pc and for a stone wall 50€/pc.
  • According to the regulations, the cable cannot run on the ground at all, but must always be secured. If the cable is low (e.g. installed in a plinth), it must be protected with a metal shield. Additional price installed €20/m.
  • If you need a fire break between the walls, the price is +50 €/piece
  • Inspection hatch installed €180/pc.
  • The center must have enough space for connection. Other central work is charged separately on site at €68/h.
  • Excavation work is always offered separately, the cable cannot travel even a short distance on the surface of the earth.
  • All additional work is always paid on the spot, there is no invoicing for consumers.

Prices for basic installation (Helsinki +20 km) cheapest 2-3 month delivery:
-11kW station (5x2.5 cable) €499
-22kW station (5x6 cable) €599

Other locations +50-100 €.