Collection: Companies and housing associations

The best charging devices for the needs of both large and smaller housing cooperatives, companies and offices. The open OCPP-compatible user interface of the charging stations, which are perfectly suitable for housing cooperatives, offers the freedom to choose and change the service provider as needed, so the charging stations can be connected to all the most common cloud services, such as the Woltti system.

The biggest advantages of the Woltti system are OCPP compatibility, the possibility of solar charging, the most versatile load management on the market, Spot pricing for electricity and a very easy-to-use invoicing system. The Woltti system's dynamic load management is versatile, enabling multi-level load management. You can connect meters to the system and get full use of the capacity, and at the same time you can monitor the building society's electricity consumption, even with a monitor installed in the lobby. Easy-to-use invoicing is possible on the basis of the Spot price, on the basis of the average monthly cost or, for example, on the basis of the decision of the general meeting afterwards. The invoicing program is designed so that you can manage several items easily.

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