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Easee Home Charging station 22kW + Easee Equalizer package (Without HAN port)

Easee Home Charging station 22kW + Easee Equalizer package (Without HAN port)

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1 pc Easee Home Charging station + Easee Equalizer for dynamic load management! A version that does not require a HAN port for the electricity meter! More information about Easee load management and its installation without HANport in English:

Compact and stylish Easee Home Charging station for fast and economical electric car charging. The Easee App is very easy to use and allows you to manage your download. More information:

Easee Home is an advanced smart charger for electric cars. The charger is Norwegian and one of the most advanced in the whole world. You can control the charging device with your smartphone from anywhere. When charging an electric car, you don't have to think about technical features, the Easee Home charging station always adapts to the needs of the car, while the device produces the maximum possible free power.

The Easee Home Charging Station is IP54 certified and designed to withstand even the most demanding weather conditions. Compact and light charger with a modern design. The charging station is available in black and white.

The smart charger is suitable for all electric vehicles. The charger has a fully dynamic charging power of 1.4 - 22kW. The Easee Home Charging Station can also be installed in series and automatically share the load with each other. Ask our sales department for more information about Easee's suitability for e.g. housing associations.

Eazee Equalizer enables dynamic load management wirelessly between the property and Easee Home charging stations. Equalizer continuously measures your electricity consumption and load in real time, and directs all available electricity to your vehicle by communicating with your Easee Home charging station. If your energy meter has a HAN port (RJ45 or RJ12), then select the Equalizer basic version and the Easee station in the desired color. This product is suitable for all electric meters, but requires a bit more installation work.

  • Model: Easee Home Charging station 1.4 - 22 kW
  • Type: Permanently installed home charging station for an electric car
  • Connector car: Type2
  • Plug: With plug, need cable
  • Place of use: Home ordering & Housing companies
  • Power: 1.4 - 22kW fully dynamic charging power (1 and 3 phase charging)
  • Current: max 32A
  • Size: 290mm*215mm*125mm
  • Weight of the charger: 1.5 kg
  • Color: Black
  • Voltage: 230-400V
  • Residual current protection switch: B
  • Connection: Wireless connection (Wifi, RFID, NFC and Bluetooth)
  • The device has an integrated RFID reader and eSIM
  • Smart Control: Yes
  • Manufacturer: Easee
  • Certificates: CE
  • Warranty 2 years (extendable to 5 years)

Equalizer package with direct measurement

  • 1pc Easee Equalizer (HAN port RJ45)
  • 1pc Eastron SM630
  • 1pc 24V power supply (Tufvasson)
  • 1pc RJ12 cable
  • 1pc RJ12 terminal, which makes installation easier
  • WIFI 2.4 Ghz protected is required

Equalizer package with current transformers

  • 1pc Easee Equalizer (HAN port RJ45)
  • 1pc Eastron SM630MCT indirect 3-phase meter
  • 3 pcs current transformer (CT)
  • 1pc 24V power supply (Tufvasson)
  • 1pc RJ12 cable
  • 1pc RJ12 terminal, which makes installation easier
  • WIFI 2.4 Ghz protected is required

About installation

Fault current protection A must always be installed in the electrical center when installing the Easee Home charging device.

Before installation, make sure that the capacity of the electrical network is sufficient for the charging station. Installation and configuration of the device must be left to a professional electrician. If you buy the installation from us, in addition to the normal installation, there will be an additional 300 e for the installation of metered load management. The installation is reasonably demanding and it would be good for the installer to have experience with the installation of metered load management as well as Easee Equalizer installation.

In the Equalizer installation, the Modbus meter must be connected at the installation site according to the installation picture and installation instructions supplied with the package.

You should choose direct measurement or measurement with current transformers based on the installation location. There is no difference in features, but there may be a difference in installation speed. If you order the installation from us, we will take both versions with us and see at the installation site which is more suitable. When ordering the installation, the choice of version is therefore irrelevant.

The Easee charging station can be installed indoors and outdoors. The Equalizer must be installed to protect it from the weather.

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