We sell the Woltti online service for charging, with which you can easily implement load management, invoicing, as well as versatile controls such as Solar charging and charging controlled by the price of electricity.

We have the most versatile load management on the market, where you can manage capacity on several levels. We can install several electricity metering points at the sites, which enable fairly general load management both for your own electricity connection and for the main connection. The system does not require cabling between the meter and the charging station.

The system can also measure the production of solar electricity, so you can control the charging to use, for example, only solar electricity. The car-specific minimum charge is usually 6A, which must be taken into account.

The system also has Spot prices, so you can manage the download based on the price as well.

In Finland, we represent e.g. Smappee system, Wallbox chargers, Alfe public charging devices, Easee smart home chargers and Keba charging devices..

With the Woltti system, you can manage loads locally and in real time and, for example, charge your car with solar electricity. The system is always customized for each object separately, so contact our sales if you want an offer. The system is suitable for building societies and companies, but also for single-family houses. It is possible to connect OCPP-compatible charging stations to it.

More than 50% of the systems of private houses and more than 80% of companies and housing associations require some kind of load management. We also offer other load management options, either as a SaaS service or as a simple device-specific service with no monthly fees.

With the system, you get an overall picture of electricity consumption, even at the device level, and you can optimize the use of different forms of energy.

We offer a solution for voltage and current monitoring and dynamic load management between solar electricity, electricity and other devices in homes and buildings with the Woltti service. The electricity meter can be located separately from the charging device. Both the electricity meter and the charging device usually require a mobile connection.

Fast and accurate measurement data

We collect real-time production and consumption data down to the device level and we offer the most comprehensive measurement options on the market. With the Woltti service, you can use real-time energy consumption and production data in several ways, measuring up to 3x600A is possible. In addition, solar energy production can be measured regardless of the inverter used. We also support all information available from the Fronius system. Our system can also utilize the market price of electricity (Nordpool Spot).

Here you can find out how to get the most out of the measurement options and load management of the Woltti system:

Option 1: Submeter from the apartment's center or real estate connection.

If you wish, you can measure several circuits from certain devices or groups of devices separately. Collect accurate energy data to the extent you want and control charging based on your entire electricity consumption. You can also use ready-made cabling in the parking area and save significantly. Load management maximizes the charging power with the available capacity.

Option 2: Energy measurement of the main connection.

Often, for example, in terraced houses, it is important to ensure by measuring the main connection that car charging together with other consumption does not overload the main fuse. In real estate, a multiplier is often used, where it is assumed that the maximum capacity of the apartments in total is e.g. 30% of the capacity of the main connection of the entire property. Car charging will radically change the situation in the future, and it is necessary to ensure this with load management. The Woltti service offers a very good solution for this.

Option 3: Measurement of solar energy production.

You can measure the produced solar energy regardless of the inverter you use and direct your charger to use the energy for good.

System users can choose from a wide range of measurement options that best suit their needs, depending on their electronic systems, required level of accuracy and available budget.

Ask more, our expert will be happy to go through the option that suits your environment with you.

The Woltti system is well suited to the needs of various building societies and companies and also to single-family houses when complex load management, solar charging or the utilization of Spot prices in charging timing are required.