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Wolttinen XL Wallbox 11KW with 3-phase plug, easy installation of an electric car charging station yourself

Wolttinen XL Wallbox 11KW with 3-phase plug, easy installation of an electric car charging station yourself

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Electric car self-installing fixed efficient charging station Wolttinen XL Wallbox 16A 3-phase 11KW, C model with TYPE2 charging cable and 3-phase plug. Easy-to-install electric car charging station at home, install it yourself in a properly installed 3-phase plug.

We recommend this device. Charge all electric cars with 11kW power. Even if your car doesn't support fast charging yet, it's worth a little extra investment now. Cars evolve and this way you don't need a new charging station in the future.

  • Model: WOLT1C-XL-16A-3V-11KW-3V
  • Type: Wallbox, electric car 11kW charging station with 3-phase plug.
  • Connector car: TYPE2
  • Plug: 3-phase red plug
  • Type2 cable length: 6 m
  • Place of use: Home
  • Current: 16A, 3-Phase
  • Power: 11kw
  • Size: 295mm*195mm*70mm
  • Weight: 7kg
  • Charging method: AC
  • Voltage: 230V
  • Fault current: A + B (6mA)
  • Manufacturer: Besen
  • RFID: no
  • App: no
  • Protection level: IP65
  • Certificates: CE
  • Warranty 2 years

With this Wallbox, you can charge all electric cars equipped with a Type 2 plug correctly and efficiently! Install the 11kW 3x16A electric car charging station easily yourself, the device has a 3-phase plug already installed. Always remember to make sure that your own 3-phase socket meets the regulations.

The product comes with everything needed for installation. When you order a product that already has a 3-phase plug, you must make sure that the 3-phase socket and wiring are correctly installed and that the capacity of the electrical network is sufficient for the charging station. The plug must be next to the installation location, because the installation cable is only approx. 1.5m.

The Wallbox has a color LCD screen, from which the user can clearly see the charger's current status, including charging time, power, its current internal temperature, etc.

The device automatically corrects errors that occur during charging. Hardware errors that may require hardware repair are displayed on the LCD. The case is sturdy and has an IP65 rating.

The device has a built-in A+B (6mA) electric fault current according to EU recommendations. The safety of the device is ensured by e.g. against voltage fluctuation, overload, overheating, lightning strikes and short circuits.

According to our installation instructions, the A fault current must also be installed in the center, testing the device's internal fault current according to the regulations requires a special tester.

There is also an installable version of the 3x16A device without a 3-phase plug.

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