The safety of charging an electric car or plug-in hybrid at home certainly worries many. It is good to take electrical safety into account when charging an electric car, because the power used during charging is high. For example, you can compare the power to an electric stove, the power of a normal stove is 8kW and the most efficient electric car charger is 22kW, i.e. 3x larger. This also places quite high demands on the electricity grid.

Travel charging cables with Suko plug intended for temporary charging are safe to use for temporary charging. Repeated charging using a travel charging cable at home may cause problems in the socket, and in the worst case, damaged boxes may melt due to the heat effect and cause a fire safety risk. In the devices we sell, safety has been taken into account and you can charge safely and quickly.

Permanently installed charging stations (Wallbox) are the best option in terms of electrical safety. In a fixed charging point installation, an electrical professional installs its own supply cable, fault current protection and ensures the correct installation of the device. Our own installation service always works like this.

Semi-permanently installed charging points are also a good option in terms of electrical safety, when the installation is carried out using a 3-phase mains plug or a 1-phase caravan plug. Power current/caravan plugs and boxes are designed to withstand 16A or 32A current for a long time and are safe to use when installed correctly. A mobile charging station connected to a properly installed 3-phase socket is a good solution for a single-family home dweller, the device can also be taken with you to a summer cottage. From us you can get a ready-made wall-mounted charging station that you can connect to a correctly installed red 3-phase socket without any separate installation work. When moving, you can easily take this with you if you wish.

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