Information about home charging

We offer the best possible products for home charging at an unprecedented price. All our products have a warranty (1-2 years), so you can trust that the charging station will also work as agreed. According to the regulations, you cannot charge from a home socket with a current of more than 8A, and charging takes significantly longer (with the most efficient home charging station, it is possible to get up to 12x power and a correspondingly shorter charging time).

How long a ride can you charge in an hour?

Note that only by installing a new cable can you be sure that everything is done according to the regulations. If you have a correctly installed red 3-phase socket, you can buy a version from us that you can connect directly to this socket (with the corresponding 3-connector installed). Always make sure that the fault current is also at the end of the center and that the cables are designed correctly.

We think you should always choose the most efficient 11kW/22KW Wallbox, if it is possible for the power center. Although now a large part of the cars have a smaller internal charger and you may not be able to use all the power right away, this is how you prepare for the future. Wallbox is, however, a long-term investment and chargers inside cars grow, saving you from expensive charger replacement in the future.