New! Solar charging and Spot prices

In connection with solar electric systems, there are significant economic benefits when you can use Solar charging. The current wild rise in electricity prices has significantly increased the demand for smart systems that can intelligently manage solar electricity and car charging.

The Woltti system includes optimization of car charging according to your own profile. You can choose, for example, the UltraSaver profile, in which case you only charge with solar or wind electricity. Or, if you wish, you can also optimize the download based on the price. The housing association can use the invoicing system to bill charging transactions at Spot prices, in which case the partners are on an equal footing.

The system often includes independent electricity measurement (Woltti Meter service), so you can measure e.g. the solar energy you produce with the Woltti system or, on the other hand, e.g. the load of the main meter and use all this information to optimize charging. The special feature of the Woltti Meter service is that it works independently of the charging system, but is nevertheless part of the load control or optimization via the cloud service.

We have integrated Fronius inverters into our system, and you can use all the information produced by Fronius and also connect battery capacity to the system if you wish. We will continue to integrate different systems in the future, currently to get the data produced by your inverter into the Woltti system we require a Fronius Symo GEN24 + inverter and BYD batteries. The system also works with any inverter if the information produced by the inverter is not needed, in which case only the measurement of the produced and consumed electricity with the Woltti Meter service of the Woltti system is required.

It is also possible to add electricity Spot prices to the system and profile charging based on that as well. It is also possible to invoicing the housing company based on Spot pricing. For this, you need an additional service of the Woltti system (Spot pricing). In this case, it is possible to set the housing association's pricing, e.g. Spot price + a margin decided by the housing association or a fixed monthly cost (which usually covers e.g. the installation costs of chargers and infrastructure)

Our main target group is housing associations and companies, and you can save significantly with the system. Now, the unfortunate fact is that all housing associations have to think about the price of electricity in a completely different way, and car charging is one of the biggest uses of electricity in housing associations. Its use is also uniquely suited for optimization, because the charging power can be infinitely adjusted with the online service. Transferring the charging to a different time usually does not cause any kind of practical problem (cf. for example the use of electrical appliances at home), but when you charge with inexpensive night electricity, the car will still be in use in the morning.

The system is naturally also suitable for a single-family house, but it preferably requires advance planning during the installation phase, as well as an on-site visit by our installer and the commissioning of the Woltti service. We also sell complete systems, but our installation service only covers systems with car charging or battery capacity in addition to solar electricity.

Important new services of the future include e.g. Plug-and-Charge (the car recognizes itself, no more RFID cards are needed), VTG (V2G, Vehicle-To-Grid, use of the car's battery as energy storage) and the use of solar electricity and other renewable energy sources for charging. We are constantly developing products in these areas.

V2G (or VTG) is a technology of the future that enables two-way charging, i.e. if you want, you can take electricity from the car's battery for your needs. Currently, VTG already works in Chademo DC chargers, and the Nissan Leaf has supported this feature for a long time. In practice, however, the technology is just developing to the point where it also has practical significance. Naturally, when almost all cars use Type2 charging, as a minimum, working VTG-compatible CCS DC chargers and cars that support charging are required (VW has announced that this year they would have VTG support, what that means in practice is not known at the time of writing ). Alfen is also bringing the battery charging status feature to the chargers, which is also very important when utilizing solar energy. So far, this has been missing in AC charging in OCPP systems.

We sell Fronius inverters, BYD batteries and Bluesun panels for photovoltaic systems. The unbending and strong solar panels are designed to withstand Finland's harsh weather conditions, and our products have long production and product guarantees. Under Finnish conditions, the reliability of equipment and the importance of long warranties are emphasized even more.

Ask us more about solar energy, spot pricing in connection with charging and car charging systems, especially if your housing association or company is planning one. Tell us about your wishes - we will find a solution for your needs!