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Smappee fixed smart charging station for business, 32A, 3-phase, OCPP 1.6 compatible

Smappee fixed smart charging station for business, 32A, 3-phase, OCPP 1.6 compatible

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A new generation smart charging station for companies and housing associations. You can connect the charging station to the Smappee system and control home automation with the application.

With the Smappee charging station, you can charge your car easily, safely and economically. You can manage the download in real time with a few taps using the Smappee application. The application also shows your total energy consumption and costs. The Smappee charging station is the only charging station that cost-effectively regulates the electricity consumption of your car and your entire home. Also suitable as a public charging station.

The perfect smart charging system for a housing association or company.

Solar energy optimization and independent load management. • Recorded and real-time charging costs. • User management and payment options using QR code, RFID or App. • Elegant and compact design. • Works on its own or in conjunction with the Smappee Infinity system.

  • Type: Wallbox
  • Connector car: TYPE2
  • Plug: No plug (to be installed)
  • Type2 cable length: 2.5 m
  • Place of use: Home / Public
  • Current: 32A, 3-Phase
  • Power: 22kw
  • Dimensions: 1200mm*600mm*150mm
  • Weight: 32 kg (33.5 kg including cable)
  • Standards: IEC 61851-1 (2017)
  • Connections: Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz, Ethernet 100BASE-T, Protocol: OCPP 1.6 J
  • Ground anchorage
  • User management: QR code / Plug and charge / RFID
  • Charging mode: RGB LED
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Charging method: AC
  • Voltage: 230V
  • Fault current: A + B
  • Manufacturer: Smappee
  • RFID: yes
  • App: yes
  • Protection level: IP55, IK 10
  • Certificates: CE
  • Warranty 1 year

With this charging station, you can charge all electric cars with a Type 2 plug made in Europe and the USA correctly and efficiently!

Smappee ground-mounted charging station with one charging cable. Built-in smart charging function and automatic load management. With the Smappee application, you get detailed information about the download and its costs in real time and saved. Easy to install with simple connections and a guided installation guide. With the help of LED lights, you can see the current status of the charge. The device comes with an installation cable. Start and stop the download using QR code, RFID or APP.

Easy to install. The product comes with everything needed for installation. Before installation, make sure that the capacity of the electricity network is sufficient for the charging station . The installation of the device should be left to a professional electrician. The device can be installed indoors and outdoors. The device can also be used as 1-phase.

The device automatically corrects errors that occur during charging. Hardware errors that may require hardware repair are displayed on the LCD. The case is sturdy and has an IP65 rating.

Installation of the charging station is easy. We recommend installing A fault current in the center as well. In our own installation, we always run a completely new cable (5x2.5) from the center to the charging station. Always make sure that the socket and mains are correctly installed and can withstand the power of the device.

The device's warranty is valid when our installation is used or the installation is done by a professional electrician and a record of the installation has been made.

All our products have a CE certificate.

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