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ADVANCE OFFER! Solar panel system 10kW, Solis inverter + 24 panels Installed (PK region)

ADVANCE OFFER! Solar panel system 10kW, Solis inverter + 24 panels Installed (PK region)

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The affordable offer prices are advance prices for deliveries that take place within 2-4 weeks of the order. Offer valid until 18 July 2023. We have everything you need in stock.

Roof or ground mounted solar panel system 10kW

  • System power: 10kW
  • Voltage: 230V/400V, 3-phase 50Hz

Package includes:

  • 24 pcs of Bluesun Solar BSM425G12-54HPH solar panels
  • Solis S5-GR3P10K Inverter 10kW
  • All parts, cables, cable protectors and ceiling mounts needed for installation
  • Basic installation (PK region)*
  • For other locations, ask for an offer from our sales
  • If the installation location or desired set differs, contact our sales.

*Basic installation: On tin roof (requires routes for cables no more than 10 m, installation location for the inverter, the necessary DIN slots on the center, a clear installation location for the breaker). Additional installation work or accessories are invoiced according to the completed work or purchased additional products. The installation is mapped over the phone before the installers arrive. If you wish, you can send us the address, pictures of the object, information on how the cabling can be carried out from the roof to the installation location of the inverter (the route along which to get to the installation, otherwise the technical installation method will be taken care of by us) + a picture of the electrical center,

A solar power plant installed on the roof.

Bluesun Solar BSM425G12-54HPH (black frame) is a high-quality and efficient 425 W solar panel. The advanced design of the glass and cell surface structures guarantees excellent performance even at low light levels.

It is also possible to connect an electric car charging station to the system, so you can make maximum use of the available green energy.

Key benefits

  • Excellent modern halfcut PERC cell and stylish black panel, with black frame
  • Excellent Anti-PID power six
  • Excellent low light performance

Designed for demanding conditions

The structure of the cell reduces internal losses, which leads to better energy efficiency. Greater power - The higher efficiency of the halved solar cells produces more power compared to a traditional solar module. Thanks to Half-Cell technology, up to 20% better efficiency is achieved.

The panel is designed to withstand Nordic conditions, it has a TUV NORD certificate.

Structural information

  • Dimensions: 1722 × 1134 × 30mm (L x W x H)
  • Weight: 21.5 kg
  • Front glass: 3.2mm, non-reflective coating, tempered glass
  • Frame: Anodized aluminum alloy
  • Junction box: IP68

Technical information

  • Max power: 425W
  • Number of cells: 108 (6*18)
  • Connection cable: yes
  • Cable: min. 1x4.0mm2
  • Maximum voltage: 30V
  • Maximum current: 10.6A
  • Open circuit voltage: 35.9V
  • Short circuit current: 11.42A
  • TUV, CE
  • Operating temperature (℃): -40℃ ~ +85℃
  • Maximum system voltage: 1000/1500VDC (IEC)
  • The largest fuse rating in the series: 25A
  • Temperature coefficients Pmax: -0.35% / ℃
  • Temperature coefficients Voc: -0.26% / ℃
  • Temperature coefficients of Isc: 0.048% / ℃
  • Nominal cell temperature (NMOT): 43±2 ℃

Solis S5-GR3P10K Inverter 10kW

This powerful device is safe to use: Its enclosure class is IP66 and AFCI protection reduces the risk of fire. Remote update and management is possible by registering with SolisCloud.


  • Maximum efficiency 98.3%.
  • 2xMPPT, i.e. the panels can be in two areas
  • Current up to 16A.
  • Wide voltage range and low starting voltage.
  • Factory warranty 10 years.
  • Compact and easy to install and maintain.
  • >150% DC/AC ratio.
  • Supports high power modules with lower installation costs.

Technical information

  • AC rated output power: 10000W
  • DC connection: Plug connector
  • C connection: Plug connector
  • Efficiency (EU): 97.7%
  • Integrated DC switch: Yes
  • Protection class: IP66
  • Wireless: NO
  • Number of MPP followers: 2 pcs
  • Maximum power point voltage range (MPP): 600 V
  • Input current DC (max): 16 A
  • DC input current per MPP tracker (max): 16 A
  • Input current DC per strand input (max.): 16 A
  • DC input power (max.): 15000 W
  • Dimensions: 563 x 310 mm (H x W)
  • Weight: 18 kg


  • Installation in 3 rows of 3x8 panels (Other options, ask for a quote)
  • Sheet metal roof (Normal profile), the roof must have the necessary structures for fixing the panels
  • Installation location PK- region (+20 km)
  • You can get to the roof with a lift
  • There must be a direct route from the roof to the inverter installation location (Max 8m) without construction work
  • Does not include center work, i.e. the center must have sufficient capacity (We always ask for a photo of the center before the installers arrive)


Bluesun Solar Group is one of the world's largest manufacturers of solar panels, and the high-quality Solis inverters are reliable and long-lasting. Solis is a major manufacturer of inverters in the world and they have been widely used in Finland as well.

You can easily expand the system with e.g. an electric car charger and by increasing the number of panels. It is also suitable for a housing association or a company that wants to participate in reducing CO2 emissions in the best possible way. Also ask us about the demanding optimization system for combining solar panels and electric car charging.

If you want a more detailed offer, send us the address, a picture of the installation location, information about the route (cabling length) and a picture of the main electrical center, which also shows the place where the inverter is designed.

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