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BYD Premium HVS Battery system 10.2 kWh

BYD Premium HVS Battery system 10.2 kWh

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Use solar energy when you need it

BYD Premium energy storage allows you to utilize the energy harnessed by the solar power system during the evening and night, as well as during possible power outages as a backup system.

2-5 battery modules can be connected to the BYD Premium system, which can be used to achieve 5.1-12.8 kWh of power, and with the parallel connection of the HVS series, up to 38.4 kWh!

The BYD Premium battery system is compatible with MM. Fronius GEN24 Plus with inverter. The system can be expanded according to your needs, either by adding battery modules or by connecting the systems in parallel.

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Technical information

  • Power: 10.2 kWh (2-5 battery modules can be connected to the system in series)
  • Parallel connection up to 38.4 kWh (HVS series)
  • Dimensions: 233 x 298 x 585 mm (H x W x D)
  • Weight: 38.7 kg

The price includes:

  • 4 pcs BYD Premium HVS 2.56 kWh Battery module
  • Control unit and Base Base module

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