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PRE-SALE! Bluesun Solar Solar panel 425W Bifacial

PRE-SALE! Bluesun Solar Solar panel 425W Bifacial

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The affordable offer prices are advance prices for deliveries that take place in MAY 2024. Offer valid until 14.2.2024. Limited quantity of products, offer valid as long as the products of the pre-offer batch are sufficient!

The stylish all-black Bluesun Solar BSM450M10-54HNH is a high-quality and efficient 425 W solar panel. The advanced design of the glass and cell surface structures guarantees excellent performance even at low light levels.

Key features

  • MBB Half Cell technology increases the efficiency of the module by up to 23.04%.
  • Manufacturer's warranty 12/30 years! (manufacturing defects and materials / linear performance of power generation)
  • Designed to last and maintain efficiency in the most demanding environments.
  • Quality materials and excellent production. quality control guarantees excellent Anti-PID efficiency.
  • Excellent low light performance.
  • Suitable for installation on the ground or roof.

Extra power output

The additional power output from the back of the bifacial modules increases the total energy yield, which has been verified by customers and third-party testing organizations.

Structural information

  • Dimensions: 1722 × 1134 × 30mm (L x W x H)
  • Weight: 22kg
  • Front glass: 2mm, non-reflective coating, tempered glass
  • Rear glass: 2mm, coated tempered glass
  • Junction box: IP68

Technical information

  • Max power: 425W (320 NMOT)
  • Cells: 108 (6*18)
  • Cell type: N-Type Topcon, half cell BIFACIAL
  • Connection cable: yes
  • IEC 61215/ IEC 61730 / CE
  • Cable (min): TÜV 1x4.0mm2
  • Operating temperature (℃): -40℃ to +85℃
  • Maximum system voltage: 1500VDC (IEC)
  • The largest fuse rating in the series: 30A
  • Maximum voltage: 31.69V (Nmot) / 29.5V (STC)
  • Maximum current: 13.42A (Nmot) / 10.85A (STC)
  • Open circuit voltage: 38.29V (Nmot) / 36.40V (STC)
  • Short circuit current: 14.16A (Nmot) / 11.43A (STC)
  • Module efficiency: 21.76%
  • Temperature coefficients Pmax: -0.30% / ℃
  • Temperature coefficients Voc: -0.25% / ℃
  • Temperature coefficients of Isc: 0.046% / ℃
  • Nominal cell temperature (NMOT): 45±2 ℃


Bluesun Solar Group is one of the world's largest solar panel manufacturers.

Bluesu's products can be combined with e.g. BYD battery systems and Fronius inverters, as well as Woltti systems in single-family homes, housing associations and companies. BYD is one of the largest and highest quality suppliers of battery systems. The batteries are the safest on the market (LFP technology). Fronius inverters are very smart and also work together with car chargers. Fronius is the most significant manufacturer of high-end inverters in the world. It is also possible to connect Fronius locally to various rail devices (eg ModBus and SunSpec). By connecting the battery to the system as well, you get the full benefit of solar energy.

We chose these products so that the system is of the highest quality possible. In addition, it can be easily expanded in the charging field and by increasing the number of panels, it is also suitable for a housing association or a company that wants to participate in the best possible way in reducing CO2 emissions.

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