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ADVANCE OFFER! Wallbox Pulsar Plus Smart charging station (5m cable) + PowerBoost meter

ADVANCE OFFER! Wallbox Pulsar Plus Smart charging station (5m cable) + PowerBoost meter

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Wallbox Pulsar Plus Smart electric car charging station, 22kW, TYPE2 charging cable, 32 A + Power Boost energy meter for dynamic load management. Also enables the use of the Solar-Charging feature.

The affordable offer prices are advance prices for deliveries that take place in AUGUST 2023. Offer valid until July 18, 2023.

Wallbox Pulsar Plus Smart is a compact and versatile charging station that is perfectly suited for home charging.

Wallbox is suitable for efficient charging of all plug-in electric and hybrids. Charging station max. charging power with three-phase connection is max 22kW.

The device is suitable for dynamic load management using the Power Boost energy meter. Power Boost measures electricity consumption and automatically adjusts the current accordingly.

  • Type: Wallbox
  • Mounting: wall
  • Connector car: TYPE2
  • Current: max 32A, 3-Phase (Adjustment 1.8-22kW and hardware & software)
  • Power: max 22 kW (3-phase), adjustable
  • Type2 cable length: 5 m (7 m cable at additional cost)
  • Place of use: Home & cottage
  • Built-in cable
  • Size: 166mm*163mm*82mm
  • Weight: 1kg
  • Charging method: AC
  • Voltage: 240 V / 400 V
  • Operating temperature: -25ºC to +40ºC
  • Fault current: Integrated DC protection 6mA
  • Manufacturer: Wallbox
  • Protection level: IP54
  • Certificates: CE
  • Warranty 2 years

With the Wallbox Pulsar Plus Smart charging station, you can charge electric cars equipped with a Type 2 plug at maximum power.

The package also includes a compatible electricity meter, which allows the device to handle load management while also taking into account other electricity consumption. The power of the device can be adjusted with a convenient slider (App) or a fixed dip switch during installation.

The MyWallbox application is available for the charger, which allows you to monitor charging and manage the status of the charger.

Easy to install. Built-in charging cable. Decide how fast and when you want to charge your car. The device has a built-in B fault current protection of 6 mA. An A-residual current protection switch is needed for the center, but it is easy and inexpensive to install.

Before installation, make sure that the capacity of the electrical network is sufficient for the charging station or separately purchase a suitable load management system for the device. The installation of the device should be left to a professional electrician. The device can be installed indoors and outdoors (IP54).

Using the charging device has been made easy. No separate identification or application is needed, you just connect the charging cable between the car and the charging station and charging starts automatically. The charging device's LED lights tell you the charging status and when the charging is complete.

All our products have a CE certificate.

An ideal choice for home charging where capacity is limited.

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