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Fronius Ohmpilot

Fronius Ohmpilot

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For intelligent optimization

With the help of the Fronius Ohmpilot control device, you can intelligently optimize your own consumption with stepless control. With the help of the device, the surplus production of the solar electricity system can be used to heat water. 0-9kW continuous adjustment ensures efficient utilization of excess solar energy in home heating systems.

Ohmpilot's primary application is the intelligent control of heating elements, to produce warm water in heating boilers or buffer tanks. However, the device is also suitable for infrared heating or towel radiators.

Ohmpilot can be used to reduce home carbon dioxide emissions and reduce heating system consumption, especially when production is at its most efficient. The Fronius Ohmpilot ensures that the entire yield of the solar electricity system is efficiently used!

Technical information

  • 3-phase mains operation: Yes
  • AC rated output power: 9000 W
  • Maximum input current 16A
  • Maximum input voltage: 400 V
  • Dimensions: 350 x 280 mm (H x W)
  • Weight: 4kg
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