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go-e Gemini flex charging station 11kW and Energy meter

go-e Gemini flex charging station 11kW and Energy meter

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Go-e Gemini flex, a self-installing efficient charging station for electric cars, charges all electric cars with 11kW power.


Go-e Gemini flex is a clever and stylish self-installing charging station for all electric cars and hybrid cars and is suitable for use indoors and outdoors. You can install this electric car charging station yourself, if there is a 3-phase plug in the installation location (adapters are also available as accessories

The practical functions of the loading device are handled conveniently with the help of the application. The application allows you to configure the device according to your own charging habits and wishes. The application can be used to start or stop the download and also to schedule the download. The application also tells you the voltage, current, power and energy consumption of the device in real time, and the charging power can be adjusted according to your needs. With the help of the application, it is also possible to switch between 1-stage and 3-stage charging, even while charging is in progress.

The charging power can also be adjusted using the button on the device and it can be programmed according to your needs (5 different powers). The LED lights on the device indicate the charging status and charging power.

The compact size and lightness make the charger perfect for home use or anywhere else where a 3-phase plug is used, e.g. when traveling, camping or at a cabin. With the help of a separately sold adapter, the charging station can also be connected to other sockets.

The charging station can be kept open for everyone to use or, alternatively, it can be locked for use only by identification (RFID remote identification or an application). It is possible to connect 10 different RFID users to one station, and each user gets their own energy measurement, which can also be monitored remotely.

Really easy to use, just plug into a 3 phase socket and the charger is ready to use. Safe to use, fault current protection shuts down the charging device completely in the event of direct current leaks.


  • Type: Wallbox/Plug-and-Play
  • Mounting: wall mounting (incl. wall mount)
  • Charging power (max.) 11kW (16A 3-phase)
  • Adjustable charging power 1.4kW-11kW (6A-16A, adjustment in steps of one ampere)
  • Installation cable: CEE 16A (3-phase plug 16A) Length 30cm + plug, 5 x 2.5 mm².
  • Charging cable: Does not include a charging cable (available as an accessory Type2-Type2 or Type2-Type1)
  • Socket: 1 x 11kW, Type2
  • Nominal voltage: 230/240 V (1-phase) / 400/415 V (3-phase)
  • Residual current: RCD B residual current protection (AC 20mA, DC 6mA). A fault current protection device must be installed in the electrical switchboard.
  • Place of use: Detached houses, terraced houses, detached houses
  • Installation location: Indoors and outdoors (not in direct sunlight)
  • RFID: Yes
  • Energy meter: Yes
  • OCPP: yes (OCPP 1.6, requires the device to be connected to a WiFi network)
  • Communication connection: WiFi
  • Protection level: IP55/IK08
  • Operating temperature -25 °C to +40 °C
  • Certificates: CE
  • Dimensions 260 x 155 x 110 mm (H x W x D)
  • Weight: 1.63 kg

go-e Controller gauge

Dynamic load management and utilization of solar electricity in car charging

  • Solar electricity - use the electricity produced by solar panels to charge your car
  • Dynamic load management - go-e Controller monitors the home's other electricity consumption and optimizes charging power

By connecting the go-e Controller with the go-e charging station (Gemini and Home products), you can take advantage of dynamic load management and use it to automatically adjust the charging power according to the capacity available at home. If other devices in the home consume more power, e.g. the electric sauna heater, the power of the charging station is automatically adjusted to a lower level, so you don't have to worry about the main fuses burning. In addition, the go-e Controller enables the utilization of solar electricity to charge an electric car, which means you can use the excess production of the system to charge an electric car

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