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Solis S3-WiFi-ST Transmitter for inverter

Solis S3-WiFi-ST Transmitter for inverter

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Solis transmitter with USB connection, WiFi

The Solis monitoring system is focused on the maintenance and upkeep of the solar power plant, remote control and the use of plug and play connection. The Solis monitoring system can be monitored remotely via WIFI to provide the user with accurate and comprehensive data analysis and fault alert anytime, anywhere. The purpose is to make the operation of the products more stable and reliable and to implement stable and intelligent operation and maintenance services.

  • Wifi stick
  • Plug and play, quick installation
  • Fault alarm, real-time monitoring
  • Clear status indicator (Status indicator, easy to display working status)
  • RESET button, one key to send data, convenient debugging
  • 1 pc
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