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PRE-SALE! Wolttinen OCPP ProMax 11kW Wallbox Smart EV charging station

PRE-SALE! Wolttinen OCPP ProMax 11kW Wallbox Smart EV charging station

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An excellent choice for charging an electric car at home or for small housing associations. 5 years of load management, mobile data + cloud service are included in the price. For housing associations with more than 2 devices, contact our sales.

The affordable offer prices are advance prices for deliveries that for this product take place in AUGUST 2024. Offer valid until 12.4.2024 

Enables separately purchased Solar charging, Spot prices and multi-level metered dynamic load management.

Wolttinen XL Pro is an OCPP-compatible electric car charger for max 22kW smart charging. The charging device is excellently suitable for long-term investment at home, companies and housing associations thanks to OCPP compatibility. With Wolttine's electric car charging device and OCPP-compatible cloud service, you implement efficient load management as a SaaS service. You can easily bill e.g. the housing association's charging events and manage user RFID cards or monitor your own charging with the application.

Even complex systems can be implemented with Wolttinen XL Pro latur, including load management and optimization of the use of solar electricity. OCPP 1.6 JSON-compatible download device that you can connect to the Woltti web service. With the help of the Woltti online service, you can easily manage the systems of building societies and companies, e.g. in terms of invoicing and load management.

  • Type: Wallbox
  • Connector car: TYPE2
  • Plug: No plug (to be installed)
  • Type2 cable length: 6-8 m
  • Place of use: Home, companies and housing associations
  • Current: Adjustable, max 32A, 3-Phase (Can also be installed as 1-phase)
  • Power: 22kw
  • Size: 295mm*195mm*70mm
  • Weight: 7kg
  • Charging method: AC
  • Voltage: 230V
  • Fault current: A + B (6mA)
  • App: yes (Woltti), OCPP 1.6 Compatible
  • RFID: Yes
  • Load management: Supports load management as a cloud service
  • Invoicing of charging events: Yes, included in the price
  • Rating: IP65, IK10
  • Certificates: CE
  • Warranty 2 years (extendable to 5 years)

The Wallbox has a color LCD screen, which is very useful for use, from which the user can clearly see the charger's current status, including charging time, power, its current internal temperature, etc. In addition, you can monitor charging events in the online service or with the Woltti App. In the Woltti online service, you can easily create new users and create RFID cards for them and handle invoicing. The Woltti service takes care of load management for you so that you always have the maximum amount of charging capacity.

If you wish, you can also get metered load management and optimization for utilizing solar electricity and electricity price fluctuations as part of the equipment.

The device has an RFID reader, but you can also identify yourself using the Woltti App.

The device has a built-in A+B (6mA) fault current in accordance with EU recommendations. According to our installation instructions, the A-fault current must also be installed in the center, testing the device's internal fault current according to the regulations requires a special tester . against voltage fluctuation, overload, overheating, lightning strikes and short circuits.

The device's warranty is valid when our installation is used or the installation is done by a professional electrician and a record of the installation has been made. We recommend installation from us, we always install new wiring, the necessary cable protectors and A fault current in the center as well. We also always make a record of the installation. However, the device is easy to install if you want to use your own electrician.

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