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Wolttine XL Wallbox 11KW electric car charging station installed (3x16A)

Wolttine XL Wallbox 11KW electric car charging station installed (3x16A)

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Wolttine XL Wallbox 16A 3-phase 11KW, C model with TYPE2 charging cable installed. A high-quality station with an LCD screen, which is really easy to use.

Installation near the biggest cities 4-8 weeks after the order. Includes basic installation.

An easy turnkey solution.

Wolttine XL Wallbox 16A 3-phase 11KW, C model with TYPE2 charging cable.

We recommend this device. Charge all electric cars at maximum power. Even if your car doesn't support fast charging yet, it's worth a little extra investment now. Cars evolve and this way you don't need a new charging station in the future.

  • Model: WOLT1C-XL-16A-3V-11KW
  • Type: Wallbox, electric car charging station with LCD screen
  • Connector car: TYPE2
  • Plug: No plug (to be installed)
  • Type2 cable length: 6 m
  • Place of use: Home
  • Current: 16A, 3-Phase (Can also be installed as 1-phase)
  • Power: 11kw
  • Size: 295mm*195mm*70mm
  • Weight: 7kg
  • Charging method: AC
  • Voltage: 230V
  • Fault current: A + B
  • Manufacturer: Besen
  • RFID: no
  • App: no
  • Protection level: IP65
  • Certificates: CE
  • Warranty 2 years

With this Wallbox, you can charge all electric cars equipped with a Type 2 plug correctly and efficiently!

Before installation, make sure that the capacity of the electrical network is sufficient for the charging station (3x16A). The device can be installed indoors and outdoors. The device can also be installed as 1-phase.

The Wallbox has a color LCD display, from which the user can clearly see the charger's current status, including charging time, power, its current internal temperature, etc.

The device automatically corrects errors that occur during charging. Hardware errors that may require hardware repair are displayed on the LCD. The case is sturdy and has an IP65 rating.

The device has a built-in A+B fault current in accordance with EU recommendations. The safety of the device is ensured by e.g. against voltage fluctuation, overload, overheating, lightning strikes and short circuits. According to our installation instructions, the A fault current must also be installed in the center, testing the device's internal fault current according to the regulations requires a special tester.

We recommend installation from us, we always install a new 5x2.5 cable protector and fault current in the center as well. This is how you maximize security. The device is easy to install and the warranty is valid for 2 years when the installation has been carried out by an electrical professional.

Installation near the city of your choice

Installation 4-8 weeks after order. Installation time is agreed separately at least 1 week before installation. In the additional information, you can put a request for installation times that suit you.

We offer installation at an affordable price because we strive to use the installers' working time efficiently. This means that the installer can install several items in the same area. However, we are always in touch and the exact installation time is agreed separately and we can negotiate it if possible (but we cannot promise any exact time). If the flexible installation mentioned above does not suit you or you want a faster installation, then contact us with the contact form and we will offer you exactly the time you want. We offer competitively. You also always get good service from us during installation.

When installing Wallboxes, we always install a new cable (5x2.5) for the entire distance from the center to the box, as well as a cable protector . If the device does not have a built-in fault current, we will also install the necessary fault currents for the center. If you do not install in your detached house, always ensure permission from the owner of the property (housing company/landlord).

Before installation, make sure:

-You have a permit for installation (Does not apply to the detached house you own. In apartment buildings and townhouses, the building association's permit is usually required. If you are renting, you must also have a permit from the landlord.)

-You have a place for the Wallbox, where you can also attach the device. The place is a suitable distance for your car and the length of the cable is sufficient for charging (A longer cable is also available for an additional fee).

- The installation route is clear. You should carefully go through the cable route itself, so that there are no surprises (E.g. that there is nothing in front/on the wall that prevents the installation). Naturally, the installation does not involve any kind of excavation work and the route must be such that the cable can be routed from the main center. For safety reasons, the cable cannot run on the ground/floor at all.

-You have enough capacity in the main fuse/electrical connection for the Wallbox you choose. It is difficult to give exact numbers without knowing the target, as this is also affected by other electrical devices (minimum 3x25A). The current switchboard must have space (7 DIN slots) for fault current and cable protection, or 4 slots if a combined fault current is used.

Installation includes:

-10 m of cable (min. 5x2.5). We always install a 3-phase cable, even if the Wallbox is lower in power.

-A fault current and cable protection to the center.

-Equipment installation ready for use.

-Driving distance 20 km from the center of your chosen installation location

Additional work:

-If the cable length is more than 10m, additional cable installed 5e/meter

-If there are no holes in the wall on the planned route, we charge 30 e/pc for making the holes. 1 piece of penetration in the wooden walls is included in the installation

-Additional driving 1.90/km including working time used for driving

-Hourly charge 59e/h, if other additional work has to be done.

-Additional work is agreed on site or in connection with a possible preliminary survey.

The offer price is only valid for a limited time within a radius of 20 km from the center of the installation location you have chosen. See detailed installation conditions above.

The pictures are indicative.

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